Advertising software startup on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn

Search or social? That is the question.

In many cases, the answer simply comes down to what type of software you’re offering and where it fits in the market. Google ads are typically the fastest way to generate revenue and results, but your success is predicated on whether or not someone is searching for what you have to offer.

However, you may want to reconsider Google if you’re set on offering something unique and without much competition. Remember, if nobody is searching for your company right away, you may want to pump the brakes a bit before investing your entire ad budget into Google.

Social on the other hand is both audience-based and interruption-oriented. This means that you’re given a short window into their scrolling to show them what you got—and why your product is what they’re missing.

Let’s take a deeper look at which options might be the best fit for you.

Google Ads – Great for Buyers

Google advertising certainly has its advantages. When someone out there is searching for something specific on Google, it’s safe to make the assumption that they’re ready to buy. So it’s on you to provide the clearest path to purchase by ensuring that you offer the best value that matches their search and redirects them away from the competition. This is why Google is so effective in converting leads at a high rate.

Facebook Ads – Educate Your Market

Typically more economical than Google, Facebook also succeeds in being super specific with who you’re trying to target. This is where you’ll need to match the ads to be exactly the kind of content your audience is looking for, anything less and the ad will underperform. To do this, think less generic B2B and more people-friendly with eye-catching graphics and strong copy with a clear CTA.

LinkedIn Ads – Targeted, Not Cheap

A pricy—yet powerful option, LinkedIn is most beneficial when being utilized with a very specific enterprise niche. Keep in mind that while Google and Facebook are usually in the $3 to $6 pay-per-click range, LinkedIn can be found in the $10 to $20 territory.

Considered to be the premier targeting option for B2B despite the price, LinkedIn also usually comes with a low click-through rate. Since you’re paying more per click, it’s essential that you’re specific about what you’re trying to target, and who you’re trying to retarget with.

However, LinkedIn can be invaluable since it provides a means to integrate your organic content into your advertising and showcase your product to better-targeted buyers creating a high lifetime value.

Learn What’s Best for Your Startup

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