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In so many instances, it’s so easy to go wrong when you’re searching for the right thing to say.

For those focused on crafting concise, compelling messaging for their B2B software startup, the struggle between communicating whether you make money for your clients—or you save them time is where most marketers get stuck. Your goal should be to seamlessly intertwine the needs of both emotional and logical buyers.

Let’s take a look.

Stand Out in a Crowd

You zig. They zag. Remember that every single software is trying to generate revenue while saving time. So to replicate that really isn’t doing anything different or giving a prospective client a valid reason to buy what you’re selling when it’s indistinguishable from your competitor.

This is where you approach your messaging from a different angle. Relying on time and money quite simply isn’t going deep enough, it’s just too vague. Personalizing your messaging to humanize what you have to offer and how it can help your audience in a unique and powerful can be the difference between securing a sale and becoming another afterthought.

Make Their Job Easy

Decision-makers don’t want to be wrong. When showcasing your software to a C-level employee or VP of Sales, remember that they’re in the business of standing out at their job.

Furthermore, you’re selling so much of what they’re already looking for: a product that impresses and has an impact on the people who work under and above them, saves them time and effort, and lets them sleep peacefully at night knowing they’ve added an essential tool to helping their business grow.

Plainly, these are the people your messaging should speak to.

Uncover What They Care About

Deciphering what your buyers value most is your first step to understanding and fine-tuning your approach. By not investing in your software are they going to lose money?

Will it affect future budgeting? Will it exhaust resources and employee bandwidth? The concerns are valid and identifying what matters most to them specifies exactly how and why you can help them.

Go the Distance

Software on it’s own is rarely exciting, much less compelling. It’s on you to pivot your messaging to what’s important to the buyer and seal the deal. At the end of the day, it’s all about how your software improves their relationships within the company, how it helps earn them that long-awaited promotion, and finally, how it elevates them to reach the goals that previously felt unobtainable. That’s the good stuff. That’s what truly goes beyond both time and money.

Get Your Message Out There

Your messaging decides how well your startup will perform against competitors. It’s important you get this message out in front of the right buyers.

That’s where Salestream can help. We specialize in building inbound advertising campaigns that redirect your ideal buyers to your company instead of competitors right when they’re ready to buy.

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